As we have been developing our warehousing service since 2013 year, that’s why now we are able to provide modern and large-sized warehouse to our customers. The warehouse is located in Shanghai.

Description: The height is 10 m; there is a high platform for loading and unloading. The space of the warehouse is 6000 m2, including 3000 m2 of storage racks area, 1000 m2 of clean space, 2000 m2 of area for operating pick and pack.

We use Cargowise One system for operational work, all the work is executed according to the customer’s booking. We provide 24 hours distribution services for our customers. The space of the warehouse is available for bonded goods and customs cleared goods.

Our warehousing service includes:

- Loading and unloading

- Scanning in/out

- Weighing

- Labeling

- Repacking

- GOH service, which provides:

1. About 10 containers per week

2. Different types of distribution of the garments, such as hanging on the coat hangers and distribution in the carton boxes   

3. Clean storage in a warehouse

4. Different types of GOH containers equipped with monolayer or multilayer hanging rods

5. Special re-equipment

- Pick and pack:

1. We sort the goods, set them in order, scan in, put them in database, pack strictly according to the clients’ orders, scan out and deliver to the final destination

2. We assemble the orders according to the check-list, check the labels and barcodes, control the condition and quantity of goods

3. We pack or repack the goods, check and prepare all the documents

-  E-commerce

Advantages of our warehouse:

-  Free demurrage from 14 to 21 days

-  Plenty of loading platforms, stevedores, tallymen with rich experience and modern loading and unloading vehicles. It allows us not only to save a lot of time but also can guarantee the safety of goods.

-  Free insurance during the whole procedure

-  If the goods are lost or damaged, we will pay compensation according to the factory’s invoice.

-  Warehouse management system and network, which allows our clients to check the state of their goods anytime

-  Providing distribution, palletizing, fumigating, dispatching

-  We have an experience in loading and unloading of cars and small trucks. We use vertical loading to save containers’ space and freight charges.